So who the bloody heck are we?

Hi, I’m Latasha and I’m a parent just like you. Like you, at the beginning it did all feel rather complex,  those wash routines seemed complicated and all of the different inserts confusing as hell.  I spent hours and hours researching,  dollars and dollars trialling and you know what the best thing I did was? Just putting the nappy on the baby’s bum!  So by now I think I’ve got it figured out and I’m here ready to help you. 

Tiny Tooshies is here, so you don’t spend the same hours and hours researching, or money and time trialling as I did. We offer hire packs with one on one in person education so you can find what works for you, we’ve dealt with all the other crap so you can just deal with your baby’s. 

Ready to dive in?

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