Curious about cloth?

Fighting the fit?

Loosing it over leaks?

Cutting the crap on cloth

Dispelling your washing woes, fit fears and cloth conundrums

Hey you lover of cute cloth butts,  we know it can be confusing and overwhelming. The cloth nappy market has exploded, there are inserts and boosters, prefolds and pockets,  bamboo and hemp, but what on earth does it all mean?!? Tiny Tooshies gets it and you can too.  Hire one of our packs, book a consultation or come along to one of our workshops and you too will be a nappy ninja in no time.

Brands we stock

We like cute butts
oh and we want you to have success!

Thats why our packages all come with one on one education, where you will be taught our three keys to success;


The right fit for YOUR baby is imperative


Little and often? Flooder? Hemp, bamboo, microfibre, theres so much to consider. We promise once you’ve got the right info it’s easy!


No stains, no smells, no nasties